Friday, August 3, 2018

Have A ❤️Heart❤️ For Nacho! Pommie With A Broken Heart In Las Vegas!

The Pom Palace Rescue had no idea other than "we do not have the time to spend with Nacho" why the people wanted to surrender him to the Pom Palace. When we took him to be neutered it became very clear why they wanted to "dump" him. He has a very severe heart problem. One that needs to be fixed with heart surgery.

Surgery that if not performed soon he will soon go into heart failure and probably not live to see the age of 1 years old. His heart murmur is a 5 out of 6. The estimate that we received from the Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Surgeons is estimated between $2994 and $3501.

They  would love to be able to provide his surgery and see Nacho go and find his furever home and have a wonderful life. But without the funds this is not going to happen. SO no amount is to small!!

The goal is to provide quality animal welfare and rescue for Pomeranians who have been abandoned in shelters or do not have homes. The focus of the Pom Palace Dog Rescue is to help older and handicapped Poms and Pom mixes return to health and become adoptable. (The Pom Palace Dog Rescue is run by the owners of the Blog)

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