Monday, August 15, 2016

Reality Star Scott Disick Returns To 1 OAK Nightclub In Las Vegas

Reality television star Scott Disick returned to his favorite Vegas hot spot 1 OAK Nightclub inside The Mirage Hotel & Casino for a fun night out.‎

Starting the night off at STACK Restaurant & Bar for a delicious meal, he and his group dined on a variety of STACK’s signature dishes while relaxing and talking amongst themselves. Looking handsome as usual dressed in a black hoodie with the word “Lord” printed on the back, the reality star was ready for an evening fit for royalty.

Following dinner, the Lord made his way over to the nightspot where he stopped to pose for photographers and speak with reporters before he headed inside to his VIP table located behind the DJ Booth.

Jumping on the mic several times throughout the night, Disick had the energy in the club at an all time high as he greeted fans and kept the party going while DJ Ikon laid down chart topping hits for the packed room.

Adding to the excitement of the night, a parade of cocktail waitresses and a drum line greeted‎ the TV sensation with light batons and large letters spelling out the word “Lord”. Filled with excitement, the reality star picked up a pair of drumsticks and started drumming along as he laughed and his group cheered.

Enjoying his night out in Vegas, the reality star was seen in high spirits throughout the evening, greeting and high-fiving fans, sipping on cocktails and mingling with his group before leaving the nightspot shortly after 2 a.m.

 Photo credit belongs to Bryan Steffy of Wire Image

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