Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gwen Stefani's Concert In Vegas! FUN & FANTASTIC!

This past weekend Gwen Stefani came to Vegas! The concert was held at the new venue T-Mobile Arena. Talk about energetic! Gwen did not disappoint with a three act concert. Dressed in red tartan with her signature red lips and with a sassy blonde pony tail with a black tip she played songs that everyone loves. Kicking if off was one of her newest songs "Red Flag" from "This is What The Truth Feels Like." It was not long until she had everyone standing up and dancing to her songs. However when she started singing "Cool" is when the crowd erupted.

Gwen had fun with the LV audience and took several selfies with people in the crowd. Also fans brought signs that proclaimed their love for her! The crowd was a great mix of different ages and yes even mothers and daughters.

Some other accounts have said that her concert lacked passion but maybe Vegas is special because Gwen's concert was a visual fun feast for the eyes.

P.S. There was a rumor that Blake Shelton was backstage but we never saw him.

Video from Las Vegas Concert 
Entire Set List:
Red Flag
Wind It Up
Where Would I Be
Make Me Like You
Underneath It all
Act Two
Harajuku Girls
Blow Your Mind (with Eve)
Rich Girls (with Eve)
Hella Good
Act Three
What You Waiting Fo
Break My Heart
It's My Life
Don't Speak
Used To Love You
Hollaback Girl
Just A Girl
Sweet Escape
Photography by Tom Donoghue
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