Monday, June 13, 2016

Pro Poker Player Jacob Brundage Has $10K Returned To Him From Uber Driver

Last week, professional poker player Jacob Brundage got into an Uber to head to the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to buy into a game at this year’s World Series of Poker.  Minutes after he exited the Uber, he realized he had forgotten his duffel bag that contained his passport, ID, social security card and nearly $10,000 in cash.

Using the in-app feature to contact any driver after a ride via a masked telephone number, Jacob initially called his driver several times with no luck. With the help of Uber ambassadors on site at the Rio who were able to look up the details of Jacob's ride, they identified the driver and placed a call to him.  Once they reached the driver, who had headed home after Jacob's drop off because his phone had died, he immediately hopped back in his car to return the lost bag. Within the hour, Jacob was reunited with all of his personal belongings (and money) intact!

How the technology works
Riders have the ability to contact their driver after a ride through a protected phone number that masks both the rider and driver's real telephone numbers
Available trip details were able to show us who the driver was and how to contact him
Because we knew the driver's car model and license plate, he was easily identifiable when returning to the Rio

How does Uber work-

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