Monday, April 4, 2016

PizzaRev Your New Fave Dinner Spot? It Will Be If You Love Pizza Options!

PIZZA!!! Who doesn't love a hot pie for lunch or for dinner, topped with your favorite toppings and piping hot and dripping with melted cheese?  Well just about everyone! BUT and here is the beauty of eating out at PizzaRev, everyone can have their own individual 11’ pizza with their favorite toppings. PizzaRev’s pizza are currently thin and crispy but coming soon is the double down which will be a little thicker and similar to a regular pizza dough style.     

Pizza Oven 
Each pizza is hand tossed with fresh dough made daily and then covered with your choice of sauce. There are four different sauces available: red sauce, BBQ sauce, white sauce or even Olive oil. Then what type of cheese do you fancy? Pizza Rev has you covered; all-natural Italian cheese, or reduced-fat Italian cheese, or bleu, ricotta, feta or even vegan cheese! Keep in mind that the concept behind PizzaRev is that it is your kitchen so any type of toppings that you like and they have, well pile it on! Your pizza will come out of the five-ton open deck ovens piping hot, after all it is baked at 580 degrees!  

Meat Toppings
canadian bacon
spicy pepperoni
vegan sausage
crispy bacon
beef pepperoni
crumbled beef
grilled chicken
Italian sausage
sweet fennel sausage

Veggie Toppings 
fennel seeds
red onions
green bell peppers
artichoke hearts
sun-dried tomatoes
black olives
My Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza 

On my pizza I had the regular crust with the all-natural Italian cheese and goat cheese and I added  Pepperoni, Italian sausage, with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. On the side I had some arugula which added a delicious bite to the sweetness of the sun dried tomatoes. You might think that this is a strange combination but it was amazing! That is the beauty of building your own pizza you can try what you want. My dining partner had the BBQ pizza with the regular crust  and BBQ sauce and chicken. A winning combination which is quite popular. If one of you is an adventurous eater and one of you is a more conventional eater then everyone wins.  

Soda Machine

To go with your pizza you can have a nice refreshing glass of wine or a nice cold beer. They have regular beers or beers on tap from local brewery Tenaya Creek.. You also have the option of adding a fresh salad or a nice crisp Caesar salad. If you prefer soft drinks then you will be happy to know that PizzaRev has installed a top of the line soft drink dispenser where you can create your own Cherry Vanilla Coke, or Orange Coke or even a Cherry Lemon Lime Sprite, the possibilities are endless. 

Dessert Pizza

With PiaazRev’s bright comfortable seating your entire family will feel right at home. When you visit make sure that you order the dessert pizza! It is amazing and so delicious! What is on it? Listen to these ingredients; Butter, Cinnamon, Frosting, Powdered Sugar, Caramel, Oreo Cookie Crumbles all on a pizza dough baked in the oven and fresh to your table! So tasty that you and your family will enjoy every sticky, sweet and crunchy bite. Adding to your dining experience are the friendly employees who were handpicked by Director of Operations Stacy Zamago. Stacey brings a wealth of experience to her position and feels that PizzaRev has something for everyone and she loves being able to offer fresh food at affordable prices. 

Coming soon is their newest location on the West side of town by Rainbow and the 215 Freeway.    

PizzaRev is located at: 
1381 W Sunset Rd.
Henderson, Nevada 
(702) 776-7171

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