Friday, April 22, 2016

Las Vegas Photographer Remembers Prince Experience

From Las Vegas Photographer - Tom Donoghue

I feel honored to be able to share my one Prince story. It was nearly impossible to photograph Prince in concert. No photo credential ever were issued. Well along came Super Bowl XLI  which was in Florida. Prince was to perform the halftime show, and as the norm the half-time performer addresses the media before the game. So it's Thursday February 1, 2006, three days before the game in the NFL Media Center. In am my 26 years of covering the Super Bowl and all the media events this was the only time a performer placed a concerto the the media instead of talking about playing before the largest audience ever.

A little knows fact about this is that Prince was late fore the press conference because he was sitting in his limousine outside the media center. The reason being was that he did not want to answer all the "silly questions." So it was suggested that he play instead. He and his band hit the NFL Media Center stage and played for around 45 minutes. Then much to the amazement of hundreds of media, he finished playing, received a standing ovation and waved and walked off the stage. That was the press conference. I don't believe to this day that the media fully realized how special that Super Bowl moment was. Then came his spectacular halftime show. But for me those 45 minutes in the media center was the special moment of Super Bowl XLI.

Photography by Tom Donoghue
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