Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The real deal!! Mexican Food made Delightful and Tasty! All at Hussong's!

From the moment that you walk into Hussong’s Cantina you know that a delicious meal is in store! A little tidbit of information…the first Margarita was invented at the original location in Ensenada Mexico.  As for the naming of the Margarita there are some different trains of thoughts, some say that bartender Juan Carlos invented it for the German Ambassador’s daughter and others say that the legendary drink was invented for Silver Screen Siren Rita Hayworth whose given name was Margarita Carmen Cansino. Whomever it was named after you will not find a more tasty and satisfying margarita in town! Just for the record, an original margarita was never blended and it is not at Hussong’s, served shaken or on the rocks with salt or without salt is the way to drink a real margarita!  Several tasty variations are available but each drink is made with premium Casa Noble tequila! A really smooth tequila that adds to the flavor of an original or strawberry margarita and since it is a quality 100% organic tequila, no horrible morning after!

For appetizers there are plenty of tempting and tasty dishes to try! We tried the Plazero Grilled Corn which was simply amazing. They take a white tender ear of corn and then brush it with mayo with butter and then cover it with cojita cheese and then it is grilled! Each bite was a mouth watering experience! Have never had corn seasoned in this manner but you simply must try it! Savory and a different way to season and serve corn on the cob. One of the great things about Hussong’s is the variety in the menu. It is Mexican food done with thought and also an eye to tradition. Also on the appetizer menu, a shrimp stuffed fried avocado salad. Interesting and different! An avocado filled with shrimp and Pico de Gallo and the added flavors of hominy and a delectable tomatillo/avocado dressing keeps the spice at just the right amount. Not to hot, yet enjoyable! Another must on the appetizer list!

For the main course several dining options are available from burritos to fajitas to chimichangas to steak!  One of my personal favorites is Carne Asada. Hussong’s Carne Asada was better than any other’s including Grandma’s back in New Mexico! Tender and flavorful the grilled flank steak melted in your mouth and was accompanied with sautéed vegetables and fresh guacamole and was great alone or with tortillas. A good Carne Asada lets you savor the flavor of the beef as well as the spices and Chef Noe truly knows how to create the right mix.  If you are a fan of chicken, try the chicken tacos! Once again very tender and great alone or with some of the fresh tomatoes, guacamole or extra hot and spicy salsa! Every item at Hussong’s is made fresh and it shows. Chef Noe Alcala has taken the flavors of Mexico and devised a tempting yet fresh type of Mexican cuisine. The salsa is made fresh every day and the chips are fresh and keep coming!

No meal is complete without dessert and once again Chef Noe presented an outstanding delicious sugary, melt in your mouth delectable Churro! This churro was light and not to doughy and was lightly dusted with sugar and cinnamon and filled with a pastry creme that was light and added to the flavors while not overpowering the light pastry. To add to the decadence this dessert is topped with a fresh strawberry and comes with a scoop of Dulce de Leche which has an added hint of caramel! After the spices and margaritas a perfect ending to a perfect dinner!

Definitely a place to visit and eat or have a margarita and some build your own nachos! For Hussong’s Cantina’s cuisine my Grandmother might have been a little jealous of Chef’s cooking skills!

Hussong’s Cantina Taqueria
Inside Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay

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