Thursday, April 13, 2017

Interactive, Fun & Family Friendly! SeaQuest Aquarium Is Here In Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is famous for its glittering lights and nightlife. However people do live and raise families here, and until recently it could be challenging to find new adventures to embark upon with your little ones. Well that has changed! The SeaQuest Aquarium has come to Las Vegas. It is truly an interactive experience that will bring a smile to the most jaded of Las Vegans.

The Aquarium is located at the Boulevard Mall and is easily accessible from Summerlin, Green Valley and basically any part of the valley. Plus and this is pretty important, the parking is FREE and plentiful.
Piranhas Eating 

Now about SeaQuest, it is utterly delightful. You have the opportunity to see sea life very close and personal. There are different habitats with different fish and reptiles so your little ones can learn about different climates and some of the species that call them home. One of the first exhibits is from the rain forest and you see vegetarian piranhas! Yes they are related to the real “meat eating” piranhas. You can purchase little cups of food to feed them with and it a little disconcerting to see them swarm around the food. But quite interesting and something you normally would never have the opportunity to see.  Have you ever seen a Water Monitor up close and personal? This is a large lizard and you know he was kinda cute for a reptile! Children and adults have the opportunity to pet a boa constrictor and to learn about conservation.

Roaming around is a beautiful and majestic sea turtle. Also on hand are delicate baby sea turtles and it is an amazing sight to see how small they start out as and how large they can become. One of my other favorite exhibits were the distinguished Brazilian Seahorses. So small and elegant.

Feeding The Stingrays

Feeding the white stingrays can be a little tricky because of where their mouth is in relation to their eyes. So they have to swim vertically and you must drop the food where they can get it. Yes, you can get wet so come dressed comfortably and casually. Seeing the workings of their mouths and seeing their gills and skin up close really is indescribable. Another WOW moment for me was seeing the iridescent jellyfish up close. Jellyfish can be harmful to humans but they are glorious creatures. Children of all ages will be excited to see in the exhibits a ‎Pacific Regal Blue Tang or more commonly known as the “Dory” fish.

They save the best exhibit for last and that is the Shark Lagoon. Watch the constant movement of  Grey Smooth Hound Sharks, Bamboo Sharks and the Nurse Sharks. Also in this exhibit are the Green Moray Eels. Now Eels have always been a conundrum to me, are they fish? They are indeed considered fish since they possess gills and spend most of their time underwater. Stay for a moment and watch the undulating movements that eels use as they move through the water; fascinating.

SeaQuest Aquarium is also a true community partner. They have hosted many children’s charities events and have several events weekly with the local schools here in the Las Vegas valley. The animals, reptiles, fish and birds are well cared for and are treated with love and respect by the staff. Which brings up another great facet of visiting SeaQuest, the staff! They are friendly and caring and always have a smile and are always ready to answer any questions. Included with the staff are regularly scheduled mermaids. These mermaids are available for Birthday parties and selfies. Another popular attraction is the slumber party, yes children can stay overnight .

Experience snorkeling with dozens of various species of stingrays, reef sharks and hundreds of tropical fish! Interact with these soft, engaging creatures on a whole new level! Please arrive 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled time for your snorkeling class, followed by your 45 minute snorkeling session. Water depth is 3-5 feet. Reservations are required for this attraction. For a complete list of exhibits -

SeaQuest Aquarium
3528 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV, 89169
(702) 906-1901

Monday      10AM–9PM
Tuesday      10AM–9PM
Wednesday  10AM–9PM
Thursday     10AM–9PM
Friday          10AM–9PM
Saturday      10AM–9PM
Sunday        11AM–7PM

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