Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Want To Burn The Fat Away? Try A Juice Fast From The Juice Standard

The Juice Standard will help kick start New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and live healthier with the company’s signature juice fasts. Customized for full-body nutrition, the juice fasts are available in three options: the Standard Fast, Green Standard and “B.Y.O.F.” or Build Your Own Fast.

“Whether it is for weight loss, healthier skin or the health benefits of ingesting high levels of vital nutrients, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, juicing is a fantastic way to hit the reset button and start the New Year with a better body, inside and out,” says The Juice Standard’s Co-Founder and COO, Marcella Williams.

The juices included in the Standard Fast focus on four categories of ingredients that are widely known in juicing circles for their ability to reset the body and boost metabolism: greens, roots, clears, and nut milks. The Standard Fast includes six 16-ounce glass bottles of cold-pressed juice made from organic and locally sourced produce. Recipients receive a daily supply of two bottles of Bee WHealthy™, a nutrient-dense combination of cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, apple, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger and turmeric; two Bee Energized to increase energy; one Bee Magnificent nut milk, to provide magnesium, support heart health and prevent disease; and a choice of Bee Pure—an apple-sweetened lemonade rich in B-vitamins and designed to help flush the body of toxins—or Bee Vibrant—a spicy lemonade with cayenne pepper to increase energy and speed the metabolism.

For more advanced juicers, the Green Standard incorporates two bottles of Bee WHealthy™ for total health management; two Bee Alkaline, a powerfully simple mixture of cucumber, celery, kale, and radish for obtaining glowing skin; and again, a choice between Bee Pure or Bee Vibrant. Also included is one bottle of Bee Magnificent, the popular nut milk made of raw cashews, dates, agave, Ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla bean to support bone strength and satiety throughout the fast.

The B.Y.O.F., or Build Your Own Fast, includes any six juices chosen by the juicer with the help of The Juice Standard staff, who can assist with pairing a juicer’s palate and health goals with the items on the menu. To help juicers build their fast package, complimentary juice tastings are also offered all day, every day, at each location.

Williams’ partner—Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Stephenson—recommends drinking a full glass of water between each juice. “Hydration is key with any health regimen and helps prevent hunger pangs,” says Stephenson.

The juice fasts are priced at $59 per day, plus tax. Juice fasts are available for pre-order by calling The Juice Standard’s two neighborhood locations—
4555 S. Fort Apache (referred to by local fans as “The Hive”), at 702.476.9800
2530 St. Rose Pkwy. (called “The Rose), at 702.979-9803;
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (affectionately known as “The Buzz”), at  702.698.7000.

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