Friday, September 30, 2016

Take The Inerno Curry Challenge At Mint Indian Bistro!

Mint Indian Bistro, a full-service Indian restaurant with a unique approach, is hosting its Third Annual Inferno Curry Challenge Month in October. This year the chef will use two additional extreme peppers: the Carolina Reaper, which with its origins in South Carolina, has earned the status of the world’s hottest pepper by the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili, a close second in the heat index.

Each year, from October 1-31, anyone who dares to attempt and finish Mint Indian Bistro’s signature Inferno Curry receives the most coveted spot on Mint Indian Bistro’s Wall of Flame. In addition, they also receive a $50 Mint Indian Bistro gift card as well as an entry into a drawing for complimentary dinner entrées for a year (one per month, 12 entrées total).

This year will be no different, except the heat has gone up by 1 million SHU units, with the hottest pepper at a scorching 2.2 million SHU.

When first launched in 2014, food critic and writer John Curtas of Eating Las Vegas, called it the hottest dish in Las Vegas.

At 1,041,427 SHU, the Ghost Pepper was the hottest pepper in the challenge up until last year.

“The Ghost pepper is so hot, our chefs wear a mask when they cook it,” owner of Mint Indian Bistro, Kris Parikh said. “With the Carolina Reaper and the Trinidad Moruga, the challenge has gone to a totally different level.”

Since the opening of Mint Indian Bistro in 2008, more than 2,000 guests have attempted finishing the Inferno Curry, yet only 32 guests have successfully done it.

“2016 is a very special year for us as we open our newest location in the southwest of Las Vegas. We’re working on providing diners with an experience never before seen or heard in an Indian restaurant. We are taking customer experience to the next level and decided to do the same with our food challenge. So we introduced two more peppers that have an SHU higher than even the Ghost Pepper,” Kris said.

With Mint’s second location slated to open sometime in October, there is also the coveted spot of being the first at their newest location to enter the Wall of Flame.

“Our Inferno Curry is not for the faint at heart. It is marinated with the hottest chilies in the world, and this year the heat is up substantially. If you have ever taken on our challenge in the past, you know it is insanely hot, “ Kris said. “This year, with the addition of two of the hottest peppers in the world, the challenge is really going to test your spice tolerance at the next level.”

“We use natural chilies, not extracts, so I always warn my guests to try it at their own risk,” he added.

To order the Inferno Curry dish, you must sign a waiver. The inferno Curry is served from 4 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily. The curry is made with fresh veggies ($17.99), chicken thigh ($18.99), or boneless lamb ($19.99).

Mint Indian Bistro does not just serve spicy cuisine. The Inferno dishes are just a part of the menu. In fact, the whole concept of the menu is based on the fact that no matter what dietary philosophy you follow, Mint Indian Bistro has something for everyone.

“We, therefore, cater to special diet groups like vegetarians and vegans. We also serve Halal meat and gluten-free delicacies,” Kris said.

So whether you like your curry mild, hot, extremely hot, or 'inferno-style,' they will custom-make it to your individual taste.

“We all know our spice tolerance; and at Mint Indian Bistro, we personalize the spice level to your liking. We can tone it down to zero or switch it up all the way to inferno,” Kris said.

Mint Indian Bistro has received numerous top honors and accolades from sources including Open Table, Trip Advisor and the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Reader’s Poll.  In addition, Mint has received several rave media reviews.

Mint Indian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a full-service Indian restaurant with a truly contemporary twist in its food, its décor, and its approach. Located just off of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Mint Indian Bistro’s food mantra is simple, fresh, flavorful and colorful food that appeals to all five senses. Mint is located at 730 E. Flamingo, Suite 10.

For more information or to make reservations, visit or call 702-894-9334.

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