Friday, September 16, 2016

Pre-Order Your BLADES Now! Released By Chef Rick Moonen

Home cooks can finally give themselves the Top Chef Masters treatment with the new BLADES by Rick Moonen knife set. Available for preorder now, this completely unique assortment of high-quality knifes and kitchen tools is the first of its kind developed by Chef Rick Moonen.

A true celebrity chef, global educator and advocate, and television star, Chef Moonen is best known for his commitment to sustainable seafood and his quest as “The Godfather of Sustainability” to raise awareness for the world’s oceans. A competitor on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters and frequent judge on Top Chef, Chef Moonen has brought his skill and techniques to home cooks around the globe with his speaking engagements and appearances.

“BLADES is much more than just a standard set of knives, I wanted to create a selection that offers both knives and the kitchen tools that I use every day,” says Chef Rick Moonen. “A good kitchen set should include a variety of items that home chefs can really work with, not just take up space, and that’s the mission of BLADES.”

A full twelve piece set hand-selected by Chef Moonen, BLADES includes both knives and kitchen tools to set home chefs up for success –

• 9.5” Carving Knife
• 8.0” Granton Edge Chef’s Knife
• 8.0” Offset Serrated Knife
• 6.0” Chef’s Knife
• 6.0” Utility Knife
• 3.5” Paring Knife
• Diamond Sharpening Steel
• Combination Zester/Grater
• Flexible Fish Spatula
• Kitchen Scissors
• Storage Block
• Chef’s Roll

BLADES by Rick Moonen are available for preorder now on  and through Amazon October 3rd, 2016. Priced at $199 for the full twelve piece set, home chefs can enjoy the same tools used by Chef Moonen himself at a fraction of the cost of a traditional set.

To help buyers get the most out of their set, Chef Moonen demonstrates his best tips and tricks in a series of videos available -

Viewers can not only learn new techniques, but also knife care tips.

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