Monday, August 22, 2016

What Do Movie Weddings Cost? YOU Will Be Surprised!

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding
Movie weddings are inspirations to all, but have you ever thought about how much your favorite weddings actually cost?

Wonder no more. A new infographic created by cashback shopping site, Ebates breaks down the costs of all of your favorite wedding movies based on prices during their time periods, ranging from the Renaissance’s The Princess Bride (20,000 ducats) to 2011’s Bridesmaids ($109,658).

Some of the most recent top budgeted nuptials include Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan dream wedding in Sex and The City ($229,869), Melanie Smooter’s southern fantasy in Sweet Home Alabama ($181, 810), and the hook up that ended with bells in Wedding Crashers ($114, 334).

The Godfather Wedding
Additional weddings include:
·        The Little Mermaid (43,297 Krones)
·        I Love You Man ($48,061)
·        The Wedding Singer ($7,763)
·        My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($37, 621)
·        The Godfather ($46,730)
·        Meet The Fockers ($62,493)

Today the average price per guest is $68, however the priciest guest list, based on number of attendees, goes to The Godfather ($37,400). Carrie and Mr. Big’s wedding isn’t far behind at $30,600, followed by Sweet Home Alabama ($24,849), and Bridesmaids ($21,800).
The least expensive— Kill Bill ($748), The Little Mermaid ($5,100), Meet The Fockers ($6,936), and I Love You Man ($9,560).

Here is a link to the official infographic-


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