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Summer Dining At Sushi Roku Is An Immensely Pleasurable Experience

Sushi Roku Dining Room
Dining is one of the most pleasurable activities that is available. Fine dining is an art that when perfected  is an experience all in itself. When you choose to dine at Sushi Roku the food is incredible which elevates the experience and you have your choice of sitting in the dining room or for a more relaxed experience at the Sushi Bar.

Whichever dining area you opt for you are in more than capable hands! General Manager Johnny Seo and Sake Sommelier Gary Min and Chef Haru are devoted to ensuring that every plate comes out perfect and only the freshest seafood finds it’s way to your plate. As a matter of fact Chef Haru has been with Sushi Roku for fourteen years! From what I hear to see him prepare a thirty pound of tuna is like watching an artist at work, which is indeed what a chef is. Do you enjoy the finest and most interesting Sake? Then be sure and ask Sake Gary Sommelier’s opinion of what Sake would suit your tastes.

Change is a way of life and in the restaurant business it is very important that you vary your menu offerings to keep your customers satisfied and intrigued. Sushi Roku recently added some menu items that everyone can enjoy. All the dishes are wonderful but everyone always has favorites and these are my choices as “MUST’ haves:

Brussel Sprout Chips
Brussel Sprout Chips - HEAVENLY! Crispy brussel baked in the oven until crisp and then brushed with truffle oil and seasoned with salt a definate do!     

Fried Calamari - tender and lightly breaded! Melt in your mouth tender and not frozen and put into a deep fryer. On the side as a dipping sauce a nice surprise, charred jalapeno glaze, The spiciness of the glaze turns the heat up but does not overpower the delicate flavor of the calamari.

Toro Sashimi Oscietra Caviar
Toro Sashimi Oscietra Caviar -  This tuna sushi comes from the underbelly or “fatty” side of the fish. The flavor is exquisite and full, then topped with Oscietra Caviar and flavored with yuzu salt a fantastic rich lush pairing.  As a matter of fact Oscietra caviar is preferred by many connoisseurs because it has a more subtle mellow slightly nuttier taste than Beluga.  SO YES try this dish!

Tuna Tartare Phyllo Cups
Another surprise on the menu is the Tuna Tartare Phyllo Cups. Fresh tender tuna tartare with spicy Yuzu Guacamole in a phyllo cup. Does not get much better than this robust pairing. Yuzu Guacamole is made with the Yuzu fruit which is a japanese fruit that is incredibly sour and tart. Another dish which at first seems like an unconventional pairing but works perfectly.

Wagyu Beef Slider & Seabass Slider

If you have a taste for surf and turf, then try the Seabass and Wagyu Beef sliders. The seabass is coated in Panko crumbs and then deep fried and topped off with  tonkatsu tartar and red cabbage for that extra crunch, an extra special slider. Where is the beef? Why the beef is in the Wagyu slider. Along with some extra delicious add ons such as  Camembert cheese, crispy mushrooms, onions, truffle mayo. These two sliders will go down easily and should satisfy your surf and turf yearnings! 
Toro, Yellowtail and Salmon
Now onto the Sushi. If you are a true fan of sushi then you have found true sushi heaven at Sushi Roku. These three are served Matsu style and are incredible. The Toro, Salmon and Yellowtail will linger on your palate ever so delicately. All the sushi is prepared by Chef Haru who as mentioned above is a Sushi master and this sushi reflects his expertise.  

Seared Salmon Sashimi Togarashi
The Seared Salmon Sashimi Togarashi with avocado is delicate yet bursting with the flavor or fresh scottish salmon. Another dish to absolutely try!

Cocktails are a part of a great dining experience and Sushi Roku has added three to their menu. The Last Act is made with El Silencio mezcal, ancho reyes liqueur and finished with fresh orange juice. A fresh cocktail that with the addition of the orange citrus pairs well with all the sushi offerings. However my favorite is the Ginza. This drink is made with Nikka japanese whiskey which has citrus notes and has a subtle florality then you add Benedictine, and  Fernet Branca. And just what exactly is Fernet Branca? Well it is also referred to as a digestive liqueur. It is a secret formula, passed down from father to son in the Branca family which has guaranteed the protection of the quality that still makes it the digestive bitter liqueur par excellence and it contains twenty seven that come from four continents. All mixed together this a special cocktail combines the fine taste of whiskey, benedictine and fernet branca. Such a special cocktail that I had two! Another must try if you are a whiskey lover.

What would dinner be without the sweet finish of dessert and Sushi Roku offers Chocolate filled donut holes, Banana Flambe and a Chocolate Volcano. All delicious and the Banana Flambe was my absolute favorite because it is not a dish that you enjoy often. When in Vegas be sure to stop by Sushi Roku located at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. They service lunch and have a wonderful Champagne Brunch!

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