Monday, June 20, 2016

Run To The The Border Grill At Mandalay Bay! A GREAT Dining Experience

Peruvian Ceviche
Coming to Las Vegas? Love Mexican food with a coastal twist? Would you like to taste some wonderfully fresh ceviche that is so tender you could cut it with a toothpick? Then do I have the place for you to visit while in town. Border Grill at  Mandalay Bay has a ceviche, Peruvian Ceviche. A fantastic fresh blend  of seafood tossed with a aji amarillo paste. If you are not familiar with ajo amrillo paste, it is a staple in Peru and can be traced back to the Incas. The ceviche is coated in this yellow chili pepper sauce then mixed with grated ginger and placed upon a fried plantain and has some Haas avocado slices on the side with just a few yellow corn kernels. Being cognizant of over fishing this ceviche is dependent upon sustainable seasonal fish and we had the yellowtail with some mahi mahi mixed in with pickled onions. Ceviche has always been a favorite but when you add the bite of the ajo amrillo paste it provides a different taste on a favorite dish. Very different than the lime with tomatoes version of ceviche, which they also serve.

What would a Mexican dinner be without chips and salsa? Of course these are freshly made and arrive at your table with three different types of salsa. You have your choice of spicy or medium and a zesty verde sauce. The chips are light and crispy but do not fill up on them! So many wonderful dishes are on this menu.   

Octopus Asada
Also on the menu an Octopus Asada that will make you sit up and beg for more! I am sure that you are familiar with Carne Asada, well those Asada’s are usually made with red chilis. Those red chilis started out as green chili and then were roasted and hung to dry where they develop a mellow red chili taste. Chef Jamaal Taherzadeh takes this Asada sauce a step further, this red chili sauce is made with piquillo peppers which is a different variety of chili. This particular chili has more of a sweet taste with no heat so mixed together with the Octopus a very different Asada, this sauce adds more flavor to a somewhat bland fish. The Octopus is grilled and then coated in the sauce and has some crispy potatoes added. So flavorful, so delectable, I honestly could have eaten more.  

Pozole Verde
Coming from New Mexico I am always intrigued when I see Posole on the menu. We used to have it on a Sunday (helps with a hangover!) But the posole I used to have pales in comparison with the one on the menu at Border Grille. WOW! Think of a savory mixture of jalapenos, tomatillos, white posole (hominy) with tender chicken topped with shredded cabbage and with radishes added for that extra crunch. What a dish! I could eat this Pozole Verde for lunch, dinner and then breakfast! Yes it was that satisfying. 

Chicken Mole Verde
Now on  to the main courses. After enjoying a refreshing pear sorbet to cleanse the palate the next dish that was brought out was the Chicken Mole Verde. Aye carumba! A beautiful crispy juicy half organic lime marinated chicken, that is then fried to perfection. Anyone who says they do not like chicken skin, well they have not had this dish at Border Grille.  Infused with the juicy flavor of lime, when you cut into the chicken it is so moist that is absorbs the Mole Verde. Plus you know a chicken is great when you take it home and have it for lunch the next day and it is just as moist and delicousl. That is exactly how this chicken was. A great Mole Verde sauce gives you the flavor of green chili without being overpowering. This sauce is exceptional in that respect. The green chili flavor is balanced so perfectly with the delicacy of the chicken.

Skirt Steak
Give me steak or well give me steak! If you enjoy a peppery steak then this is the dish for you. Lean and tasty. This flank steak is char grilled to seal in the flavor and then served with caramelized onions, poblano rajas and roasted tomato chimichurri. Yes the steak had pepper but when paired with the vegetables all that you can taste is flavor.  A perfect steak with the perfect spicy flavors. Once again the next day, fabulous steak for dinner! 

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
A great meal is always followed by a great dessert and boy is there one in store at Border Grille! You must try the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes everyone has most likely seen the churros at their favorite fast food restaurant or fairs or street vendors. Well this Churro is a king among Churros! Light, delicious and fluffy filled with homemade salted cajeta ice cream and with tequila soaked berries on the side you will find  room for this dessert. I can honestly say that I have not had a Churro this light and fluffy before. Even in you just stop in for coffee and dessert, order this!

Border Grill at Mandalay Bay has added some new twists to their menu to encapsulate the meal time. They have added side dishes for sharing so everyone can have a little bit of this and that. Plus the portions are not in any way NOT sharable! There is a full drink menu and of course a wide variety of fresh margaritas. They have patio seating which have a wonderful view of the Mandalay Bay Beach Area and if you are catching a concert stop by for Backyard BBQ on the Patio. You will find $5 beers, $7 Margaritas and BBQ food specials!      

The brunch on Sunday is crazy good! Every Saturday and Sunday enjoy unlimited small plates for $34.99 per person and add bottomless Mimosas for only $10, and if you would like to splurge add the Veev Acai spirit to your Mimosas for $5 more. 

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P.S. A little insider information, if you are looking for the foamiest cappuccino this side of the Rocky Mountains ask for GM Chris Mazza’s magical touch! 

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10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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