Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bellissimo! The New Summer Garden Display Is Coming Up Roses At The Palazzo

Summer in the Waterfall Atrium and Gardens at The Palazzo® Las Vegas will transport guests to the gardens of Italy. On display through Sept. 7, the installation features several figures wearing elaborate floral dresses artfully constructed from recycled paper products.

The alluring models - which stand nine feet tall - were first introduced last summer, and immediately became Instagram sensations. Due to this popularity, they were revised for an encore with new rose designs inspired by The Venetian Rose and The Palazzo Rose, both official namesake varieties of the Las Vegas resorts.

The dresses and hats that are featured were influenced by European wedding gowns and millinery. The 568 unique oversized roses featured in the dresses took six artists three months to create, using recycled paper products. Each of the 14,768 petals that make up the roses were hand-cut, painted, and sealed. The roses were sculpted and paired with others to create the elegance of a flowing gown. It took a team of five designers 40 hours to arrange the flowers into dresses.

More than 5,000 orchids, dusty miller, ligustrum, red and orange chrysanthemums, as well as boxwood and olive trees are featured throughout the display.

The Palazzo Rose was introduced in December 2012. Bred and grown in The Netherlands, the Palazzo Rose features deep crimson red petals. In 2015, the resorts unveiled The Venetian Rose, with its coco peach undertones and champagne hues. Both roses can be purchased through the floral department as a special enhancement to a guest's stay or brides can incorporate the roses in their Venetian weddings.

The Palazzo Las Vegas' summer floral installation by the numbers:
14,768 - the number of hand-cut petals that create the flowers used on the dresses
5,000 - the number of plants and flowers used to decorate the gardens
850 - the number of rolls of recycled paper that were used to create the flowers
568 - the number of unique flowers that encompass the figures' dresses
400 - the number of feet of aluminum that was used to create the substructure of each flower
1 - the number of roses named after The Venetian Las Vegas
1 - the number of roses named after The Palazzo Las Vegas

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