Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wanna Be In The Movies! Upcoming Auditions!

Audition Notice - Non-Union - "SLADE" (Official Trailer)

Character Breakdowns - Sides will be given at Audition

Late 20's early 30s - Any Ethnicity- $150 Flat
A patient of Slade's that comes to him as an overweight,  insecure mess. But when Slade operates on her, she is transformed  into the type of beauty that can only be found on magazine covers.  Slade considers her his masterpiece, and soon obsesses over her.
(Must be comfortable with adult situations, brief nudity may be required)

Late 20's early 30's - African American - $150 Flat
Slade's wife. She begins her life with Slade as a  charming and beautiful woman. However, after a few years of  dealing with her husband's obsessive workaholic personality, she
descents into a funk of depression and listlessness.
(Must be comfortable with adult situations, brief nudity may be required)

*2 Girls in Womens lingerie clothing store:
Mid to late 20's (must be comfortable wearing lingerie) $100 Flat each
(Must be comfortable with adult situations, brief nudity may be required)

Mid to Late 30s - African American - $50 Flat
Slade's older brother, who is also a cosmetic surgeon.  The brothers have a falling out over their mutual affection for  Raquel, and do not speak for five years. He knows that Slade's
charming demeanor is nothing but an act, and strongly resents him.

Mid to Late 30s - Caucasian - $50 Flat
Aria's husband. He is secretive about what he does for a  living, but insists that his wife needs to be drastically improved  in the looks department in order to exhibit an ideal picture of  success and happiness.

Meryl Dillard:
Mid to Late 50s - Caucasian - $50 Flat
A former TV star who now has her own reality  series. In the 1970s, she was considered the most beautiful woman on television, but now she is over 300 pounds and desperately
needs Slade's skill to make her beautiful again.

Mid to Late 30s - Any Ethnicity - $50 Flat
The fast talking producer of Meryl Dillard's reality show.  Impressed by Slade's style, he offers Slade a series of his own.

Mid to Late 50s - African American - $50 Flat
Slade's mother. She is obsessive, and very concerned  about the future of her sons. Slade has also broken contact with her, and wonders daily why her baby no longer calls.

Shoot Dates - TBD

Audition Day
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Hours - 10am - 6pm

Las Vegas Production Studios
4290A S Las Vegas Studio Ct
Las Vegas,NV 89103

*As for brief nudity, Its made to have suggested nudity but not actually to have nudity in the trailer same goes for simulated adult situations. (Not real sex).

Please respond to -
and cc
ASAP with your head shot, resume and reel if you have one.

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