Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Breakers At Hyde Bellagio Go Wild For Joe Jonas!

Nick, Dave & Joe 
On March 19, GRAMMY nominated musician Joe Jonas delivered an explosive DJ set at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas. Following an appearance on the red carpet, Jonas and his entourage made their way to a plush VIP table as Hyde’s seductive servers greeted them with flashing lights and giant letters spelling out “J-O-E.”

The nighttime revelers immediately went wild as Jonas took the stage and showed off his signature blend of urban genres by incorporating electronic house and R&B remixing hit songs like “Trap Queen,” “My Way” and Jonas’ most recent No. 1 single “Cake By The Ocean.” During his set, Jonas tweeted about the party, posting, “Yup @hydebellagio spring break!” Soon after, Nick Jonas joined his brother on stage, dancing along to an unforgettable remix of “Jealous.”

Photo credit: Hyde Bellagio

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