Monday, March 7, 2016

Rescued Redford Is On The Right Track! Can You Help Him Stay On It?

This is Redford. He is a 12 year old Pomeranian that was rescued with the help of many dedicated dog rescuers. Redford was "dumped" at a high kill shelter in the LA area and he was not neutered and is blind. My name is Carole and I am dedicated to saving and finding homes for the older Senior Poms that may be overlooked and face being euthanized. Once I made up my mind to help Redford (as he became known as) I reached out to my FB friends who have helped me in the past with getting these little guys and gals out of the shelter and into our foster care. (Redford and his Foster Mom in Calif.)

He was sprung by a wonderful caring person who went out of her way to pick him up. She took him with her to her office. Redford had been spayed early that morning and  we all thought that he was "sleepy" because of the anethesia, but as the day went on he did not get better. So afte discussing the situation it was decided that he needed to go see the emergency Vet asap. So Redford was taken to a 24 hour vet. After being looked at and x-rays and bloodwork, Redford's liver levels were very very high at 2000 and his blood count was off. The cause of these readings most likely would be an infection. Redford was put on several antibiotics and given fluids.

Here is the entire Vet visit and the charges:
Office visit - $74
X-Ray - $185
General Health - $174
Denamarin Tabs - $34
Clavamox - $39
Enrofloxacin - $19
Subq Fluids - $32
Tobramycin Apthalmic Drops - $32
Hazardous Waste Disposal - $3.50
Senior Discount - ($93)
Total - $506
Paid for by his LA rescuer - $250
Funds paid towards the balance of $256 - ($60)
Balance owed - $196

Redford had his blood work re-done in California around last week and his results were much improved.  

If you could help pay off this balance this would be so very much appreciated!! Redford will need to see the vet when he arrives here in Las Vegas for his eye and for a new blood test. However right now he is doing very very good and has a lot more energy!! His foster Mom in California says he is playing with the other dogs and has a great appetite. With time and patience this little 12 year old blind pommie will find his furever home!

Link for GoFundMe campaign -

Thank you for your consideration!
Carole McCabe-Joy

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