Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Twisted Vegas" Westgate's Newest Show Arrived In STYLE

If you missed yesterday's Welcome Ceremony for Twisted Vegas, the new anchor show at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, then you lost out on what is being called the most extravagant welcome event to hit Vegas since Shania Twain shut down the Strip with her mighty stampede of horses.

Featuring the U.S. debut of one of France's most famous faces -- multi-talented funny man Alex Goude -- today's event showed the cast arriving in style at Westgate's porte cochère. Anxiety in the crowd crescendoed as a U-Haul driven by Twisted's version of Celine Dion pulled up to the red carpet.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a miniature Elvis popped out of the passenger side door, too short to be seen above the dashboard as the U-Haul approached. Then madness ensued.

Once Celine and Elvis opened the truck, a gaggle of some of the most strangely impressive performers in town unloaded onto the carpet. Celine led the cast's grand entrance with a rendition of her hit single "I Drove All Night," (it did appear as though she had been driving all night) before being abruptly stopped by Rob Kunkle and Tim Cook, Westgate's Executive Vice President & General Manager and Head of Security respectively. Following a slight miscommunication ("Hey, you can't be here with your U-Haul, we're waiting for our new show to arrive!"), Rob and Tim realized this was indeed the cast of Twisted Vegas.

"It was a grown French man's American dream come true," said Goude.

Closing out the event, the full cast performed "Viva Las Vegas." A few cheers were allegedly heard from the crowd. Or was that just the sound of taxi drivers honking because we blocked their access to the taxi line?

Furthermore, attendees at this morning's Welcome Ceremony were treated to a six-foot long table adorned with French croissants and coffee. Following the event, guests were invited inside the mythological Elvis Presley Theater for a short preview of the show, and everyone left completely twisted. Happy, but very twisted.

Twisted Vegas opens to the public on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Shows occur at 7 p.m. every Tuesday through Sunday (Mondays dark).

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Photo Credit: Denise Truscello

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