Wednesday, February 3, 2016

LV Philharmonic Seeking Instruments For Local School Music Programs

The Las Vegas Philharmonic Guild has launched an instrument collection program to benefit local school music programs. This initiative is intended to address the great need for musical instruments for school music programs, particularly in charter schools in the Las Vegas valley.  After researching the need for 6 months, the Guild entered into a partnership with Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, who recently expanded their music program to a yearlong platform covering band, orchestra, and smaller ensembles.  Currently, there are as many as three students sharing a single instrument, which limits performance and practice times.

“Considering the wealth of musical resources in Las Vegas, we feel certain that with increased awareness, we can attract many people who have lonely instruments hiding in the backs of their closets or in garages that are waiting for a second chance,” shares Guild President, Juliana McRae.  “We believe that people would be willing to donate these instruments for a vital and worthy charitable cause, plus reap the tax benefits from such a donation.”

The organization is seeking playable instruments in good condition and because these instruments may need some refurbishing, they are also seeking interested parties for monetary contributions or donations of instrument repair services.  Since the young students of today are tomorrow’s musicians and audiences, and since there is such a high value of self-esteem earned through music education, we are very excited about this project, The Gift of Music.

For more information, to donate, or get involved, contact Monica Fuller at or 702.580.8528.

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