Friday, February 26, 2016

Honor Women With National Women's History Month At The Neon Museum

March is National Women’s History Month and, to honor the occasion, the Neon Museum will once again update its regularly scheduled Neon Boneyard tours to include notable facts about Las Vegas’ most interesting and influential women. Now, visitors will hear not only about the history of neon signage in Las Vegas and the various hotels, developers and entertainers associated with them, but also additional information spotlighting the contributions of Las Vegas’ female city founders, business owners and politicians.

Examples of historic female figures to be featured on Neon Boneyard tours include:
At the Golden Nugget “1905” sign, which commemorates the year Las Vegas was founded, hear how Helen J. Stewart’s sale of her ranch to William A. Clark, proved instrumental in the establishment of Las Vegas.

At the Moulin Rouge sign, learn how trailblazing woman sign designer Betty Willis made significant contributions to Las Vegas’ visual landscape. (She would go on eventually to design the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign currently on the Las Vegas Strip.)

At the sign for the Green Shack restaurant, find out about owner, Mrs. Mattie (Jimmie) Jones and her “spirited” brand of entrepreneurism—prior to opening the Green Shack, she sold bootleg whiskey out of her house.

Daytime and nighttime hour-long tours of the Neon Museum Boneyard are available daily. To secure a reservation and purchase tickets, go to 

770 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 387-6366

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