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Coming To Vegas? Enjoy A Southern Meal At Yardbird

If you have lived in Las Vegas for say 15 plus years then you have seen the changes that have occurred in our city. One of the largest changes is the advent of fine dining. Now do not misunderstand, fine dining has always been in Las Vegas it was just not as prevalent. Every casino had their steakhouse and maybe a few other dining options. However now dining options are plentiful and choices choices choices! How to make a decision on where to have that special dinner or even where your money is going to be well spent, that is the question that perplexes many Vegas visitors. Well the blog has a recommendation for you. Try Yardbird at The Venetian.

This restaurant recently celebrated its one year anniversary and there is a reason for that. Delicious high quality food that will enjoy. Yardbird believes in offering true southern hospitality and friendly service. They believe in farm fresh food and stay true to the southern cooking that is filling and will stick to your ribs.

What to try? Why not start with a cocktail. This is always a nice refreshing, relaxing start to a good meal. You can order a nice glass of wine or an ice cold beer but the blog prefers to sample what is different and the Porkchop is a delicate yet refreshing drink. When you see the ingredients you are tempted to think….will this work and will I like it? The answer for me was a resounding YES! The ingredients are below but what really makes this drink outstanding is the dijon thyme cube. Not a sweet drink and not a tart drink but a refreshing drink!  
The Porkchop
The Porkchop 15:
An unthinkable mix of Duke bourbon, Yardbird dijon syrup, yuzu juice & apple cider Served in a highball & paired with a 1 ¼” block ice with a dijon thyme cube.
Deviled Eggs & Fried Green Tomatoes BLT's 
For starters do not pass up the Deviled Eggs at Yardbird. For me this dish brings back happy memories of picnics and family holiday gatherings but I can tell you that my Mother never (and don’t tell her) made eggs this flavorful. The secret is in the devil but what really gets your taste buds a poppin’ is the smoked trout roe perched right on top of that sassy egg! If you have a few people do not pass up the Fried Green Tomato BLT. Made with house smoked pork belly, smoky tomato jam frisée, pimento cheese, pickled lemon vinaigrette and with the crunch of the breaded green tomato, it will surprise you with the melding of flavors. Once again a definite DO on the appetizer menu.
Now on to the main courses! Yardbird has added some new exciting vegetable sides to their menu. Why exciting? Well for starters the Roasted Cauliflower is an exciting flavorful dish that will have you after one bite wondering what flavors are these? What about this combo, roasted pumpkin seeds, house-made moonshine raisins and capers, yes an unconventional pairing but the flavors mesh well and are different and exciting and it is finished up by being grilled! If you want to try another new vegetable dish try the Carrots. Not for Yardbird your everyday carrots either smothered in butter or covered with sweet glaze. No these carrots are brought to the table with their tops and are flavored with  coriander seed, orange, cumin. Once again a decidedly different carrot dish but extremely well received at the table and they are grilled and have that charred flavor.  
Chicken and Waffles
What would southern cooking be without Chicken and Waffles? Now Yardbird really knows how to serve this dish! A hot and crispy Vermont sharp cheddar cheese waffle with honey hot sauce, chilled spiced watermelon and bourbon maple syrup along with tender fried chicken is HEAVEN! This fried chicken is not heavily breaded it is dredged in flour and then coated in panko bread crumbs. A nicely fried chicken that when paired with the waffle this creates an unbeatable dish.The watermelon is sweet and spicy and adds to the flavor and texture of this dish. Enough for two the share.

If you love grits then order the grits at Yardbird. Smooth, creamy and hot they are topped with cheese, a special treat!

Is Virginia Ham a favorite of yours? Then you must order the homemade fluffy Mama’s Biscuits. They are made with a secret recipe mixed with butter and honey and topped with the amazing flavorful Virginia Ham and the two biscuits are topped with vermont sharp cheddar cheese. A southern favorite that is not to be missed.
Butterscotch Cake
Peach Cobbler
Dessert oh dessert! All of the dishes are delicious and I would gladly come back for more and more however the desserts are in a word...special! First off the new addition of fresh from the over hot Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream is wonderful. The peach cobbler crust is light and airy and the peaches are flavorful and not to sweet and the full peach flavor shines through! If you order this dessert, it does take 25 minutes to bake so order in advance.

The second dessert that we tried was the Butterscotch Cake. I had never even heard of this type of cake and very excited to try it. Well I kid you not this cake is a wonder! Not only is this cake a multi layered cake it is served with bacon frosting, butterscotch sauce, toasted pecan bourbon ice cream.The cake is light and the butterscotch filling is amazing. However the bacon frosting sets this cake apart from any other cake and it should be tried.

Yardbird's service is excellent. If you are similar to me nothing is as annoying as waiting and waiting for your food. Our food arrived in perfect increments and there was not a lag time between courses. Perfect service! Depending upon your occasion if you sit in the first room the atmosphere is casual with the back dining room being more lit and with a more formal style.

(702) 297-6541

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