Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bouncing Back to Productivity After a Holiday Break!

Bouncing Back to Productivity After a Holiday Break

A much needed break from work, school and daily responsibilities is necessary to relax, recuperate and reset our minds during the holiday season. When these breaks come to an end, we often find ourselves struggling to regain focus, motivation and overall productivity. In order to regain concentration and recover from a long break, try these four tactics to start off the New Year as a more productive you.

Positive Mindset
As we settle back into our routines and get reacquainted with what can feel like mundane daily tasks, it’s easy to drift off into daydreams of the next holiday vacation. Instead of dreading the work day upon waking and later finding yourself unable to concentrate on your responsibilities, you must alter your thinking from the start of your day with the mindset that today is going to be good. When you change your outlook and adopt a mantra to take charge of how you feel each day, the little things that may normally bother you will affect you less.

Holiday meals and desserts can leave you feeling lethargic and filled with guilt from unnecessary binging. A little known fact is that engaging in regular exercise can actually increase your productivity in the workplace. According to The Harvard Business Review, working out increases concentration and memory, heightens mental stamina, and reduces anxiety while releasing endorphins for a happier, more productive you.

Time Management
It’s important to return to work refreshed, focused and most importantly, organized and ready to pick up where you left off on projects and upcoming tasks. Simple tricks like keeping calendars updated, setting reminders on smart devices and using post-it notes and pads to jot down tasks and to-do lists can help you prioritize and stay on top of assignments.

Rest & Relaxation
Yes, it’s important to jump back into the swing of things and keep workplace energy levels up, but your daily energy is a direct result of the rest you are getting. Knowing when to unplug and unwind is crucial to getting an adequate amount of sleep. Weekend and evening relaxation can be spent at a spa, doing yoga or at a center offering massages or wellness tune-ups, like Orthology - www.orthology.com/, to help you keep stress levels low and a healthy mind, body and soul.

By - Dr. Josh Sandell of Orthology

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