Sunday, December 6, 2015

Legends In Concert's Holiday Show Is A Fun Fabulous Evening In Vegas

It’s that time of year! Time to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Legends in Concert has put together a spectacular holiday show. This year’s show featured tribute artists portraying Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Frank Sinatra. Apart from the great talent all of these performers possess is the fact that the cast is rotating. So odds are that next year it will be an entire different tribute cast. Some of the different tribute artists that are represented by Legends are; Adame Levine, Adele, Britney Spears, Bette Midler, Bobby Darin, Cher and of course Elvis. All together over 70 different music superstars are on the Legend's performance roster.  

The show started with Michael Jackson as portrayed by Damian Brantley. It was a true Michael performance with all of the signature dance moves and shiny bright costumes. With live music and dancers, Smooth Criminal and Thriller, Billie Jean were audience pleasers. But what really touched the hearts of the audience and really started the holiday feeling was hearing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” being sung by Michael Jackson!

Next on stage was Taylor Swift as portrayed by Elizabeth Scarborough. FUN! If you love the upbeat music of Taylor’s then you will love this performance. Starting off with “Shake it Off “ Elizabeth portrays Taylor with perfection. Wearing a silver flapper style dress with beautiful rhinestone studded shoes her rendition of “Last Christmas” was exactly and I mean exactly like Taylor’s!  She covered “Trouble” and of course “Never Ever”, altogether an impeccable performance. Plus Elizabeth is just as tall and willowy as the 5’10 star.

Now for another showstopper….Madonna! The lights come on and onstage is Coty Alexander dressed in a black vinyl bustier with a cone shaped bra, with a white shirt and black pants just like the real Madonna wore onstage for her latest tour MDNA. Included onstage are the two handsome dancers in top hats.  The set includes “Justify My Love” and “Vogue” and includes an re-enactment of “Ghostown”with Taylor Swift. Let’s get real what would a Madonna holiday performance be without “Santa Baby!” Once again a true to life rendition. The last song was a real favorite of mine, “Holiday!” An interactive part of the show is where Madonna chooses a man from the audience and  brings him onstage and covers him with red lipstick kisses! A fun time for the audience! Quick FYI, Coty even has the gap toothed look down pat!

The last act for the holiday show is iconic, legendary Frank Sinatra portrayed by Brian Duprey. All of the other acts and artists are amazing but Brian is FANTASTIC in his portrayal of Frank Sinatra! A young Frank in a black suit with a skinny tie, ICONIC. Brian has the enunciation technique of Frank and his way of singing with an open throat just like the real Frank did. Charismatic and sincere Brian owned the stage and moved through songs “Luck Be A Lady” “Come Fly With Me”, “Witch Craft” and “Summer Wind” and “Got You Under My Skin” with effortless ease. His holiday song was the nostalgic “Marshmallow World.” He finished up with “New York, New York” amazing and magical!  
The finale has all of the performers coming together for a wonderful rendition of “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.”  If you are looking for the perfect show to bring the holidays into your life then grab your tix and go see Legends In Concert The Holiday Show!  

Legends In Concert
The Flamingo Hotel & Casino
3555 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Ticket prices range from $55.45 to $88.45

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