Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#FallForSushiRoku With New Wonderful Additions To The Menu & Anniversary Special

Are you planning on coming to Las Vegas or do you live here? Either way, put it on your list to dine at Sushi Roku at The Forum Shops. Enjoy fine dining and be prepared for great service and a stellar experience. They have just rolled out their fall menu. Great additions await you upon arrival at this elegantly decorated restaurant perched above the world famous Las Vegas Strip.   

First of all two new cocktails to  bring the flavors of fall and winter for your enjoyment:

Rosemerrily -  gin, mulled cranberry juice, topped with a rosemary sprig. Never have I been a fan of gin. However this drink is so delightfully flavored with the unexpected rosemary flavoring and mulled cranberry, you would never ever guess it was a gin drink!

The Warm + Fuzzy - Bulleit rye whiskey, walnut liqueur, cold brew, pumpkin spice. As a whiskey lover it is hard to find a whiskey drink that I do not like but this drink is an another stratosphere of taste. The whiskey is warm and the pumpkin spice brings on the fuzzy! A whiskey drink that warms your stomach and tastes like the holidays? A WINNER!

What makes Sushi Roku such a great lunch and dinner choice? There is something on the menu for every palate. Are you a die hard sushi fan? If so you are in luck because these two new additions to the menu are sure to have sushi aficionados coming back for more and more!

Spicy Panko Shrimp Roll - cucumber, spicy mayo, spicy tuna, sliced serrano chili with eel sauce and Sriracha sauce. - What an amazing combination of flavors! The richness of the eel sauce combined with the spicy mayo and tuna creates an interesting fabulous combination.

White Lotus Roll
White Lotus Roll - popcorn shrimp, asparagus, topped with albacore and jalapeno, served with truffle soy sauce and crispy onions. Albacore and jalapeno? YOU BET!! The spiciness of the jalapeno along with the crunchy taste of shrimp and  truffle soy sauce create a foodie’s sushi dream!

Lobster Tempura
One dish that is not new to the menu but is a SURE-FIRE palate pleaser...the Lobster Tempura. A tasty lightly breaded lobster dish that is as addictive as anything could possibly be. The sweetness of the sauce along with the tenderness of the lobster create an unbeatable combination. You will enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this dish and it is served in the lobster tail which creates fun creative plating.  
Seared Sea Scallops & Wild Mushroom Tobanyaki
Enjoy mushrooms much? The earthiness of mushrooms have always appealed to my taste buds. If you try the Seared Sea Scallops and Wild Mushroom Tobanyaki you will be in mushroom heaven. By taking the earthiness and pairing it with the offerings of the sea, scallops, the chef has created a masterpiece! This dish was a big big hit with the table and had people ooohing and awwing. FYI - "toban yaki" refers to the method of cooking on a ceramic plate.
New Zealand Lamb T-Bone 
Saving the best for last. This dish was the definite star of the evening, the New Zealand Lamb T-Bone with truffle chimichurri and grilled onion. Simply amazing taste. Charred to perfection on the outside and pink on the inside this juicy succulent lamb t-bone was PERFECT! Yes we have all had lamb chops but a lamb t-bone? Delicate and delicious. So delicious in fact that the topic of conversation was to gnaw on the bone or not? With meat this tasty and wonderful you want to get every morsel, so gnawing on the bone was deemed acceptable and we all gnawed happily away.

Dessert oh dessert how did I have room for you? Yes room was made for:

Pumpkin Cheesecake - with white Oreo cookie crust (YES oreo crust!!)
Pumpkin Mousse -  served inside mini pumpkins.

Both of these desserts offered the perfect finish to this fabulous dining experience at Sushi Roku. The pumpkin cheesecake was creamy, rich and with the white oreo crust the best pumpkin cheesecake I have ever tasted. When ordering the pumpkin mousse keep in mind that this light airy flavorful mousse is cooked in the mini-pumpkins and you can if you would like, eat the fibrous pumpkin inside!

Enjoy your visit and dining experience at Sushi Roku and celebrate the 11th anniversary in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. In honor of the milestone, the restaurant will offer 50% off all food items during dinner hours. Offer valid Monday-Thursday: 4-10pm, Friday: 4-11pm, from November 16-19. Guests must mention anniversary promotion to receive discount.

Crispy Calamari 
P.S. Do not miss the Calamari! While not new to the menu this calamari will "beat" any calamari you have tasted. Lightly breaded and tender and CRISPY, it is served with an amazing sweet Thai chili sauce. Be brave and add one of the jalapenos to your bite, uuuum delish!

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste T18
(702) 733-7373

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