Sunday, November 22, 2015

Enjoy Fresh & Delicious Authentic New England Cooking At Luke's Lobster! Now In Vegas!

We are in the middle of the desert here in  Las Vegas and yes you can find seafood at different restaurants. However Luke's Lobster is different and exceptional. Why? On the black board every day you will know exactly where your lobster and crab came from within the past 24 hours. When we visited the the crab was from Gloucester Massachusetts...yes that Gloucester (A Perfect Storm) and the lobster was Maine lobster.  What also was fascinating is the fact that Co-Owner Luke Holden who resides in Maine is also a fisherman. A fisherman that when you sit down and talk to him he knows all about how to catch a lobster, mark a lobster and how to make sure that the fishing waters stay sustainable. There are some federal mandates governing the fishing of lobsters and crab and seafood but Luke and fishermen like him are very conscious of how important it is to protect the lobsters that we all enjoy. He and his company participates in a mandatory v-notch program,  which requires them to notch all egg-bearing lobster prior to liberation. The practice of notching a known “breeder” extends her protection beyond the hatching of her eggs. If a female "notched" lobster is found in your possession yes it is illegal.

So when you visit Luke's Lobster you can enjoy your meal knowing that:
1. You are eating REAL Maine lobster (not an impostor from Canada)
2. You are eating sustainable seafood caught ethically and with the highest standards

Recently opened at the Fashion Show Mall this is the first location west of the Mississippi. Known for their simple menu and high quality food Luke's Lobster offers the BEST clam chowder that I have had the opportunity to taste. And this would include "clam chowdah" from restaurants in Boston. This chowder was fresh, creamy and delicious and worth the trip to the Fashion Show Mall for those of us that live in the Las Vegas suburbs.

A Taste of Maine

So seafood lovers rejoice! The crab was spectacular, soft and tender. The lobster so tasty you will be tempted to order seconds!  Each roll is simple -- a toasted, buttered, split-top bun with a swipe of mayo, topped with 4 ounces of pure lobster/crab/shrimp (not a salad) and secret spices. Simple and delicious.

I really enjoy trying new items and was introduced to Maine Root sodas. A refreshing alternative to diet coke for sure! This soda is from a family-run soda company in Maine. They use Fair Trade, certified organic evaporated cane juice, so there's no artificial sweeteners -- it's better for you, the environment and the farmers. Available for you to taste is their root beer, blueberry, lemon lime, mexicane cola, lemonade, mandarin orange (in select locations) and ginger brew flavors.
The Blueberry soda was awesome!

When you drop on by, remember the dining is Al Fresco so dress warm in the winter months. There is an area for seating but you can also savor your tasty seafood and soak up the atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip at the same time.  

Luke's Lobster Menu 

11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday – Thursday
11 a.m. – midnight Friday – Saturday

They will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve Luke's will close at 8 pm. 

Luke’s Lobster
Stripside at Fashion Show
3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South

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