Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas! The Lights Are Being Strung At Ethel M

Under the direction of its Botanical Garden Custodian, Steve Bowdoin, Ethel M® Chocolates will start stringing more than 600,000 holiday lights across 300 species of plants to prepare the annual Holiday Cactus Garden. Spanning more than three-acres, the seasonal attraction is a free holiday tradition for Southern Nevada. The Holiday Cactus Garden will be open to the public Nov. 11 through Jan. 1.

Each year, Steve and his team aim to create a more stunning display than the year before, with updated decorations, new designs and creative placements. In addition to aesthetic enhancements, more than 70% of the lights adorning the garden this year will be energy-efficient LED lights.  

Ethel M® Chocolate Factory & Cactus Garden
2 Cactus Garden Drive,
Henderson NV 89014            

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