Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Delightful & Whimsical The Bellagio Fall Foliage Display Will Enchant You!

Showered in fall foliage, Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens will take guests on an enchanted journey through its new autumn display, now through November 30. Crisp leaves, gigantic pumpkins, mythical creatures and a talking tree will delight the senses and awaken the spirit of the vibrant harvest season.

The experience begins with a 33-foot-long vine-covered bridge welcoming guests into the Conservatory. The cobblestone walkway creates a path through the East Garden as large, acrylic leaves flutter above and float to the ground below. The bridge, guarded by four 16-foot root- engulfed trees speckled with wild mushrooms, brings the raw beauty of nature to life. Beyond the bridge, in the West Garden, visitors will find the custom centerpiece of the autumn display; an ever-wise talking tree standing at the base of a countryside-inspired watermill.

A striking array of acrylic leaves float above the antiqued watermill as water cascades over the wheel into the soothing river rock pond below. At the end of the stream stands the 28-foot-tall talking Sugar Maple tree, complete with two playful chipmunks, acorns and vibrant red, orange and yellow foliage. New to the West Garden are two playful scarecrow topiaries and three oversized sparkling and delicate LED dandelions standing between 14 and 18 feet tall. The colossal seedlings light the bed with a warm glow.

Delighting guests and passersby in the North Garden are three mythical creatures tending to their pumpkin carving craft amidst the seasonal foliage. As one Ent tends to an original 1870s Newton wagon overflowing with pumpkins, gourds and bales of hay, two others perfect their intricate pumpkin carving skills. Standing at attention on the corners of the North and South Garden are 16-foot-tall gnarled trees illuminated by leaves that cascade through streams of water.
In the South Garden, a smiling scarecrow watches over an enormous 12-foot woven basket filled with multi-colored pumpkins and surrounded by golden hay bales. The pumpkins, ranging in size from 400 to 1,000 pounds, complete the fall atmosphere while two tree trunk waterfalls gingerly cascade a stream of water into the soothing pond nearby.

Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is complimentary to the public.

Fall Display Fast Facts:
Display dates: September 18- November 30
Total flowers on display per week: 7,500
Total flowers on display for duration of the exhibit: 45,000
Total shrubs on display: 1,950
Total ivy on display: 2,000
Total trees on display: 30
Talking Tree
Height: 28 feet
Length: 6 feet
Diameter: 6-8 feet
Height: 14 -18 feet range
Basket of Pumpkins
Height: 12 feet
Length: 18 feet
Width: 12 feet
Covered Bridge
Height: 15 feet
Length: 33 feet
Root Engulfed Tree
Height: 16 feet

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