Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vegas Nay's Lashes By Eylure Will Enhance & Beautify YOU!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have been blessed with beautiful sexy sweeping lashes. Lashes that brighten your eyes and enhance your beauty, well do not despair! Vegas Nay has entered into a new collaboration with Eylure and has created some of the most FABULOUS lashes on the market. Eylure has long provided high quality eyelashes but with these lashes you can take your look to a different level.

How do I know? Well let's just say that I am an eyelash junkie! These eyelashes are amazing. Why? I used to layer on two different lashes sometimes however with the Grand Glamour lashes there is no need to. These lashes are alluring and provide full-on glamour, a Movie star look. They are easy to apply and make a statement.

All of Vegas Nay's Eylure lashes are latex free and can be used multiple times. When the blog caught up with Vegas Nay and had the opportunity to ask her what inspired the lash line; "Elizabeth Taylor, her full beautiful dramatic look for Cleopatra!" A woman after our own heart! Vegas Nay is a professional make-up artist and when asked what the trends for fall 2015 she replied; "Big bold jewel colors with sweeping lashes coupled with a confident manner."

You can zip into either Target, Ulta or order online and find your inner Vegas Nay. When you find her she will be beautiful, bubbly and confident just like Vegas Nay herself! Enjoy and yes they are 100% human hair.

$5.99 - $7.99 for a set and for our across the pond readers - www.eylure.com/vegas-nay/show/all.html order right off the website of Eylure. And for those who may need some tips on how to apply lashes (which can be tricky) here is a helpful step by step from Eylure - www.eylure.com/style-guide/eyelashes-how-to/

www.ulta.com/ (type in Vegas Nay in search for full selection of lashes)

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