Friday, July 10, 2015

Some New Spirits Come To Las Vegas & Gluten FREE! Azzurre Gin & Vodka

Azzure Gin

Azzure Vodka

Inspired by the natural beauty and vibrant, deep colors of the Mediterranean Sea, the new Azzurre Spirits highlights tropical pure ingredients to limit distillation and introduce an entirely new flavor profile into mainstream ultra-premium spirits. Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin are now available throughout the Las Vegas Valley including at all Lee’s Discount Liquor locations, M Resort Casino & Spa and select restaurants and bars.
The launch comes on the heels of Azzurre Vodka being awarded an impressive 94 rating by The Tasting Panel Magazine, which described the product as “silky and smooth with creamy texture and rich fruit; soft and mellow with lush depth and lovely flavors.” The Las Vegas-based spirits company was founded by long-time resident, Dan Pettit, who has partnered with his daughter, Angela Pettit, to begin widespread distribution of Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin. Unlike most spirits, the differentiating quality in the flavor of Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin comes from the core ingredients, not the distillation process.
A majority of vodkas on the market are made with corn or grain, while Azzurre Vodka is created using a unique blend of apples, grapes and sugar cane that offers a subtle tropical hint.
“Corn and grain contain an oil that can be harsh to the back of the palette when tasting,” said Dan Pettit. “In order to combat this element, a majority of the mainstream brands today have resorted to multiple filtrations or distillations, often as many as 10 times and even up to 30 times. We decided to go the opposite direction; go back to the simple elements and begin with a blend of ingredients that doesn’t require multiple filtrations and is remarkably smooth to drink.”
Similar to the vodka, Azzurre Gin caters to modern tastes and also boasts tropical ingredients such as tangerine, grapefruit, ginger, basil and rose petals, which tone down the juniper flavor – which is traditionally the most prominent ingredient in gin.
Dan Pettit’s world travels throughout his expansive 30-plus year professional career in corporate finance and upstart technology inspired his interests in the spirits industry. Following his illustrious career - he was instrumental in the growth of a $125 billion company in the ‘90s - he owned a professional race car team. Throughout the past few years, he has focused solely on the development and launch of Azzurre Spirits.
“Azzurre represents a quality and difference that you can truly ‘sea,’” said Dan Pettit, in reference to the sea-colored eye logo. “I learned during my time living in Europe that it’s often the best to build from the right ingredients, instead of working to fix a problem after the fact. We’re thrilled to now debut our product to the public in our own hometown through our partnership with Lee’s and other locally-owned businesses.”
Azzurre Vodka and Gin are gluten free and contain no added sugar. Since tastings of Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin began within the last year, the vodka has been honored at the 2014 MicroLiquor Awards, at the 2014 Craft Spirit Awards and at the 2014 Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards; while the gin has received ratings of 85 and 93, respectively, by the 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge and 2015 Beverage Tasting Institute.
Award-winning Azzurre Spirits was founded in 2014 in Las Vegas by Dan Pettit and is made with a unique blend of apples, grapes and sugar cane that contrasts with the mainstream corn-and –grain-based liquors. The luxury brand features vodka and gin, is gluten free and contains no added sugar.  Azzurre is distributed through Southern Wine & Spirits and is currently available for purchase at Lee’s Discount Liquor, Roy’s Liquor and a number of notable restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. More information is available by visiting and following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @AzzurreSpirits.

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